Category: Server

  • More Website Stuff

    Still working on things for the website but mostly behind-the-scene stuff. Running into several issues when it comes to logging and overall presentation of at least the blog part. The blog part is based on WordPress which works okay in most cases but with the kind of person I am, even just the tiniest thing […]

  • Social Media Stuff

    I have added links to social media accounts. As of this post, it’ll include just Instagram and Twitter. I added YouTube as well but that doesn’t really feel like social media, rather content creation. Facebook seems a bit too personal and identity tying to add so that’ll be excluded. LinkedIn as well. They may be […]

  • Additional Updates

    The migration to the new virtualization server is basically done. Just some double checking to ensure nothing is being overlooked or left out before I move on. Once things are confirmed, I can remove the old backups and setup backups and snapshots for the new ones going forward. So far, Proxmox is working very well. […]

  • Rebuilding Everything

    So there has been a lot of changes recently. At some point, I started looking into alternative virtualization software as VMware felt more and more of a handicap for my setup. As I didn’t want to pay a license fee, I ended up using the free ESXi hypervisor which is difficult to monitor and hardware […]