Additional Updates

The migration to the new virtualization server is basically done. Just some double checking to ensure nothing is being overlooked or left out before I move on. Once things are confirmed, I can remove the old backups and setup backups and snapshots for the new ones going forward. So far, Proxmox is working very well. I know VMware can be good, I use it a lot with work. However, for my personal projects and home lab, it just didn’t fit well.

Networking and IPv6

I am looking into adding support for IPv6 to the server but requires some research and testing. I need to ensure the addresses are static and then how my network will handle the routing and security. I worry that things are, by default, wide open and all ports that have something listening on them are exposed outside of my network. Most likely not though. Just the configuration isn’t exposed to the controller’s interface so it’ll require some CLI work and do everything by hand. I’ll setup a sub-domain just for IPv6 testing before eventually changing to a AAAA record for the main domain. Besides this, also need to work on some ports and proxy issues. It will be difficult to make IPv6 match my IPv4 setup as there does not seem to be NAT for IPv6. All devices can have their own publicly accessible address. I may have to make changes to my IPv4 configuration when it comes to ports though. I came up with some ideas to address some security concerns and I can also address the issue with my public SSL certificate auto-renewing.

Future content

Right now, this place is going to be somewhat bare for a while. I will add posts every now and then but may be for testing types of content. Such as adding posts and contain mostly pictures. Formatting of pages or articles. Just tweaking things to what I liked. This new WordPress theme has a built in editor so may just work off of that and see if I can add what I want. I want the website to be viewed on desktop and mobile without issues. Potentially a dark mode as well. Beyond this website, I still need to get things up and going with my projects on my Gitea instance. I’ll probably push out some half-assed version of some tools for now to get something out there and re-factor later on. I still have a few hundred pictures to finish processing and re-upload to my Instagram account too. Tons of things to do but hard to motivate myself to get things done…

Well, back to work… (these paragraphs look a bit too thick…)






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