My name is Jon.
I usually go by Orin with a few variations such as SirOrin. Sometimes Zero.

This place is just a random place for me to build things, express myself and feel like home . According to the database prefix for this instance, this is the 5th time I’ve reinstalled and started over. Hopefully it’ll stay for good this time.

This place will probably change a bit while I figure things out…

You can find me on Xbox Live with Sir0rin or PlayStation Network (PSN) as SirOrin. I wish I could have used just Orin but had to add something, so that’s how SirOrin was born. Then someone else was using it on Xbox Live… So had to change the O to a 0. Then people online pronounce it as “Sir O-Ryan”… what..? O-Rin… not hard. Okay. Must publish this or it hides the links.

WordPress is strange. So easy to break. Website must look super bare and all without being littered with ads like the rest of the internet, huh

Website Credits

Varies icons from GANT icons sets by mattahan on DeviantArt.