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I have added links to social media accounts. As of this post, it’ll include just Instagram and Twitter. I added YouTube as well but that doesn’t really feel like social media, rather content creation. Facebook seems a bit too personal and identity tying to add so that’ll be excluded. LinkedIn as well. They may be listed as private at times but will probably be listed as public eventually or at least most of the time. I don’t really have any friends or family, so I don’t follow anybody. Like here, these are places for me to talk to myself and find a way to stay sane (more or less). Keep myself in check if I end up getting too far deep in my head… Maybe… Or maybe just an outlet of sorts.

Instagram will probably be private for a while as I am still editing and uploading 100’s of images. They’ll mostly be of interesting pictures I took that include landscapes or objects, pets, anything of my mom who passed away a little over a year ago and some awkward selfies. I wish I took more pictures of people or myself with people but doesn’t feel like that’ll come about anytime soon. However, even then, uploading pictures of someone else on your social media feels weird. Depends on person, I suppose.

I’ll also link my game accounts on here in some way for the most common networks such as Xbox, PlayStation, Steam… Maybe… I remember long ago you could add an Xbox gamercard on websites easy but maybe that’s changed. Anything websites changes overtime and eventually becomes dead or broken links. Might look dated now… Might just make use of the about page to list this rather than a dedicated link in the header or footer. Oh well. Whatever I can do to keep myself busy and build my own world or place on the internet…

Oh… I use ellipsis a lot if you haven’t noticed. Yeah… There’ll be a lot more of those for sure…






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