Life, Cont. (2024 edition)

So… I haven’t updated in a while. The plan was to make a end of 2023 post about what has (finally) got done and what was (hopefully) going to get done in 2024. However, as it can be seen, that did not happen. Just sort of got sidetracked and forgot. Maybe I do have ADD/ADHD and should probably look into that… someday.


The hope is that throughout 2024, I will update more tools and projects. Most will be learning and probably not useful, but fun things to make. Such as a POS (Point-of-Sale) system and even a Robco terminal simulator thing since I am a big fan of Fallout and the recent TV show got me back into those games again. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, you should check out that show. Visually, they nailed it. Story, they got me hooked in first episode, even with the odd things here and there. But that’s Fallout. Impossible to make fans happy since always be those that be like “Fallout 2 is the best, all this Bethesda stuff is trash” or something. Probably impossible to make any Fallout fan happy.

However, I may be making some changes to my programming projects. I’m going to start more web based applications that interact with databases along with the usual console programs. And then, exploring more programming languages. I feel like I should learn Java something at some point. I quickly looked over React at one point. However, for a potential change from C/C++, I have more or less settled on looking at Rust. Still very new but what I liked about it is that it’s not a platform or scripting/interpreter language. I can compile binaries and distribute them without the user needing to download a platform or libraries (outside maybe a few?). C/C++ is great and huge amounts of documentation out there. Lots of libraries too. However, can be difficult to use and I am horrible with managing my memory. And then moving to using Visual Studio Code more is odd feeling like I am lacking tools, but seems to work okay. Lots of programmers at my job use that. Well, that or IntelliJ.

Besides what’s going on here or in my world. Feels like everything else keeps getting worse. Wars and conflicts all over. Massive loss of life for basically nothing but ego of a leader. Then politics is just a joke. At it’s root, it’s just rich vs poor, where these self-proclaimed geniuses or elite think the world is there for them to shape as they see fit. Like it all exists for them. But really, they are mostly morons that got lucky or if good at anything at all, it’s bullshitting. Trump probably best example of that. Has no real redeeming qualities and no one in their right mind would trust him to even decide what to have for breakfast. But he has a personality cult that others think will be useful. Until they started including others that drink the kool-aid into process. But, it’s kind of always been that way. Maybe it’s just we are in the age of social media where everything is instant and anyone be can famous for 5-seconds so everyone chases the attention, likes, views, etc. Makes everything seem far more intense and big than it really is. Oh. And fuck ads. Holy shit, this Wordle game is the worst offender by far. Unzippable 60+ second ads. Once ad is done, it repeats till you hit the smallest X button you’ve ever seen in the corner that’ll probably open the app store for another shitty ad infested game 9 out of 10 times..

Well, anyway…

Hopefully this year I can get some projects done. I’ve slowly moved away from just scrapping everything and starting over. Now I’m more about improving what is already existing so I probably won’t nuke this blog again. Hopefully… And I’m more self-reliant that I used to be so I no longer depend or feel the need to seek out others. Just doing my own thing. A lot more peaceful than putting up with other peoples drama. Unplugging from everything has helped a lot. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube… feels like it’s all filled with fake people seeking attention and money. (Why do I sound like a boomer?)

Oh. And with everyone using VPNs now, hard to tell bot traffic from legit traffic. Might as well put server behind Cloudflare at some point. Who cares who connects to the server now? Still need to make some adjustments… Internet is a dangerous place. Scanners and weirdness everywhere. And I want to get rid of the stupid mobile version of this website this WordPress theme has. Makes everything super small. Website looks best on desktop or at bare min, a tablet.






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