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NOTICE: This page is being re-written. Very much a WIP.

Resident Evil (Biohazard) 2 went through a complete re-work during it’s development. The initial version was around 60-80% complete before it scrapped and development was restarted. The first version ended up being referred to as Resident Evil 1.5 or Biohazard 2 Prototype. The new version was built on-top of the old which resulted in unused backgrounds being left in the game. Specifically, trial versions and a pre-release beta version that leaked referred to as “Beta 2”.

Note: “beta 2” implies there was a “beta 1”. However, there was never an earlier version. Screenshots from this version ended up being fake. Only the Leon disc of this version is available.

In terms of age, the trial version is the oldest which also contains many 1.5 era backgrounds. Then the beta version which is closer to the final version but has many incomplete backgrounds.

Images posted here will be about the post Resident Evil 1.5 era and will compare differences with the final, if there is a comparison to be made.

For now, the image posted is from an older build of Resident Evil 2 where the main hall matched closer to the original concept art. The remake had elements of this concept but was a combination of the PlayStation final version and the old concept (front desk), stairs to second floor in the main hall. I mean… thinking about it, a lot of backgrounds in Resident Evil just didn’t make any sense, practically. How did this place function before the outbreak?


Final | Beta | Trial
(Comparison Only*)

  • Stage 1 – [Streets/Police Station]
  • Stage 2 (Processing)
  • Stage 3 (Planned)
  • Stage 4 (Planned)
  • Stage 5 (Planned)
  • Stage 6 (Planned)
  • Stage 7 (Planned)

Prototype aka “Resident Evil 1.5”

  • Stage 1 – [Police Station]
  • Stage 2 (Planned)
  • Stage 3 (Planned)
  • Stage 4 (Planned)
  • Stage 5 (Planned)
  • Stage 6 (Planned)

*Excluding backgrounds that are the same between all and final-only images that are used but nothing to compare to.

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