Unused/Beta – Parasite Eve 2

Parasite Eve 2 is a PlayStation game release in 2002. The game features pre-rendered 3D backgrounds with a real-time 3D graphics overlayed on top. This was very popular during this era and used in games such as Resident Evil (Biohazard) and Final Fantasy games up until Final Fantasy X.

A lot of these backgrounds appear to be overhead/top down view of many areas. Some of these feature a green color filter on them. Best guess is that this was to help generate in-game maps. It is common to render a top-down view of the finish 3D geometry or at least finalized layout of the area at the block out stage that can be supplied to artists that aid in the creation of the in-game maps. Some of them you can see a simple human model in the scene that may have been used as a reference for scale. The game also features video/animated backgrounds at times but those are not a focus here.

These images were extracted from the North American retail release version of the game. The game was split into two discs so I will separate them with two galleries. Also, for now, I will only upload the obvious unused backgrounds rather than all backgrounds used in the game. I may later compare the Japanese release as well as the trial version to see if there is any early or work-in-progress versions if I can get my hands on the ROM’s as well as rebuild extraction tools.

All images have been upscale to 800×600 from original 320×280 using using Photoshop with the Preserve Details 2.0 resample option. Considering the source, there isn’t really that many options.

Disk 1

Disk 2


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