Trying to continue work on my projects. They are mostly programming projects but not all. Some will be video, image/art or video game (content, assets) related.

Link to my own repositories has actually already been up for a while but you can find them here or select Projects at the top of the page. I prefer to use something local and be in full control. I may clone it, mirror it, whatever to GitHub at some point. Maybe… Anyway, what’s up on the repos is probably super broken but will get updated as I get used to programming again (super rusty, been busy learning Spanish). Not everything visible yet.

Main language will be C++ but will be expanded to Python, Java, PHP and possibly weird, new languages I’ve never used before but might look into such a Rust. I don’t really consider HTML or CSS a programming language but some projects may include those as creating a front end, web version of a tool or project sometimes just makes sense since no need to distribute changes via updates to everyone that uses it. I was thinking of making a front end web interfaces for users and administration functions for FFXI private servers using Landsandboat (Darkstar/Topaz… that one but no more drama).

Well, we’ll see how long this lasts before I go off the deep end and start posting way too personal messages. Website also might be getting some changes. Still looking into IPv6 support and created an AAAA record for website but limited it to a subdomain for now. Been busy sorting out Instagram pictures to get it current before making it viewable publicly…. which that in itself is a super bad idea, but who cares? Server stats/log analysis show only bots come here. Hmm. Probably need to re-enable geo-filtering again.

M’kay. Back to work.






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