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This is a list of my current projects/research stuff (non-tool related).

Point-of-Sale System

Since I work/have worked in retail, I've got real used to using their registers and wanted to build something like that and maybe make changes that could make things easier or faster to do. Target language will be C/C++. Will use MariaDB or embedded database system for transaction storage. Will be related to an inventory system I will make as well.

Inventory System

Related to the PoS system. Might need to flesh out what each system will actually be responsible for. Such as, which system will be responsible for information about specific items (example: description). Will be primary a website so PHP with connection to a SQL database. MariaDB seems to be my preferred one now which is a drop-in replacement for MySQL

Ticket System

Mostly geared toward computer or device repair. May be modified to work for software based support but the overall design is each ticket stands on it's own without any creation of individual customer information or device information. Will be a website and php based with database storage with usual SQL stuff.

Asset system

Similar to ticket system only meant to keep track of devices. Mostly company internal assets but can be created to manage external assets when in possession of the company. Could be used with ticket system where asset system can attempt to load any tickets associates with a specific serial or IMEI in cases of phones. PHP and SQL again. This is usually the best option for things like this since it can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

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